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5 Essential Elements For A Successful Shift To Digital Marketing

Companies who are leading the way, or are digitally leading, see digital transformation as a journey rather than a destination.

Consumers today expect multichannel sophistication and individualized brand experiences, prompting businesses to rethink their approach to demand generation and develop better metrics for marketing effectiveness.

As these problems rise, firms will be forced to adopt new techniques, capabilities, and tools, transforming the marketing sector from an art to a science.

As a result, developing your digital marketing muscle is no longer a cutting-edge endeavor, but rather a requirement for satisfying customer demands and achieving operational efficiencies.

Over the summer of 2021, Google and Kantar collaborated to explore what today’s leading organizations do differently to drive revenue growth and digital transformation success.
They interviewed 40 Fortune 1000 C-suite members from various industries and polled 500 senior to mid-level marketers from significant firms across the United States.

The goal was to look beyond the existence and investment in technology tools to find the organizational drivers of strategy, structure, procedures, and competencies that distinguish digital champions from the pack.

The takeway?

What distinguishes digitally leading companies:

  1. The leadership is dedicated to prioritizing and safeguarding digital change.
  2. Marketing and finance must communicate in the same language.
  3. Planning for change necessitates budgeting for change.
  4. Broadening collaboration to include the appropriate external partners.