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How This Law Firm Built Its Own Marketing Technology Stack

Law firm Womble Bond Dickinson (U.S.) LLP uses a variety of technologies to support its marketing and business development efforts.

The hub of the marketing technology stack is its CRM

At the hub of its marketing technology stack are the firm’s CRM system and the enterprise data warehouse. The many spokes that connect to the tech stack include systems related to email, marketing automation, relationship strength measurement, and more. Twenty years ago, the firm’s focus was primarily on gaining attorney adoption for an overly complex CRM implementation. Today, they have done a better job understanding what technology attorneys actually want and will use.

They have creatively developed a mix of in-house processes, reporting systems and off-the-shelf systems to provide key information in an accessible, familiar environment.

The road map is very instructive and should serve as a blueprint for all companies engaged in online commerce.

Needless to say, the firm’s targeted approach toward its marketing technology stack requires the ability to easily move data between systems. Many of the products we buy today are designed for legal, and many of these vendors do an excellent job of addressing issues and priorities that are unique to our profession. Over the years, our internal development team has leveraged core Microsoft technologies with a homegrown front-end to provide much of the firm’s reporting needs. Am Law’s technology stack is evolving to provide a single view of the client with the CRM serving as the main source of truth.

Thanks to these tools, the law firm is increasingly developing a better grasp of how healthy our relationships with our clients are. We try to align the client development team’s priorities and its digital infrastructure decisions to support and accelerate the broader firm strategy.

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