Zendesk Relate - how conversational CRM is changing the hotel experience

How Conversational CRM Is Changing The Hotel Experience

By completely reimagining the guest experience, Mollie’s Motel, a new brand being launched in the UK by members’ club organization Soho House, proves that anything is possible.

When you arrive at the property, it instantly detects your phone, checks you in, and connects you to the wi-fi network.

Netflix and Spotify are automatically set up on the TV when you use the app, and they are also automatically removed when you check out.

With the hotel’s mobile app, guests may schedule early or late check-ins, EV charging stations, and breakfast options, as well as send messages to the hotel’s employees in a variety of languages.

Even while Mollie’s provides a taste of what’s to come, the widespread adoption of messaging apps in the hotel business has already begun.

Hotel guests tend to appreciate the ease of use, while hotel staff appreciate the ability to provide better service to a larger number of customers thanks to the automation of procedures and simplification of communications.

“You go to a resort, and you watch families, and everyone sits in there having dinner and they all have their phones, and they’re doing things [on their phones]. So that’s how we’ve evolved into a preferred way of communicating.”

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