Nonprofit marketing trends report.

A digital shift is changing how nonprofits operate

According to the 2021 Nonprofit Trends Report by, the issues that were of greatest ongoing concern for global nonprofit employees included:

  • Controlling expenses
  • Adapting to remote/virtual programs
  • Hosting in-person events
  • Implementing new technology tools and solutions
  • Hosting, creating content, and promoting virtual/online events
  • Retaining volunteers
  • Changing the size of the organization to meet increased demand for services

A digital-first shift is changing how nonprofits operate.

32% of all nonprofits surveyed said ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of their employees was a major issue for them over the past year. Only 38% of executives felt their boards represented the communities they serve. 56% of U.S. adults with employer-sponsored health benefits indicated that liking their health coverage was a key factor in staying at their current job. One-third of nonprofits reported laying off or furloughing staff over the past 12 months.

85% of those surveyed say staff retention will continue to or become a challenge. The majority of nonprofits surveyed expect to be doing the majority of their work online within three years. Donors expect remote access to key impact performance metrics (KPIs) and real-time KPIs on their website. Digital channels are the linchpin to future marketing and fundraising success. 36% of respondents said delivery of remote, virtual, and adapted programs was a major issue.

Organizations with less than $1M in revenue embraced these approaches more than those with larger revenues. Thirty percent of marketing respondents said they began using technology and data to create donor profiles.

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