WhatsApp Business

Catalogs make WhatsApp Business shoppable

Catalogs is a new WhatsApp Business feature that makes it possible to display (and sell) your offer on Social Media

You can now generate catalogs of your products and services on WhatsApp and distribute them to your contacts without having to mail them individually.

According to a recent Facebook poll, 30% of Latin Americans anticipate making the majority of their purchases this holiday season on their mobile devices. You’re still on time to use this tool ahead of the Christmas season.

Amrit Pal, WhatsApp’s product manager, revealed in an interview that the tool functions as a store where a company owner can display and share whatever they offer. As a result, clients may quickly explore and find what they want to buy.

This new feature also eliminates the need for a client to leave the conversation and visit an external website to view the catalog of products and services. While the owner of the business can give greater service.

The Catalogs function improves relationships between company owners and their consumers. As an owner, you can post up to 500 photographs and add product information such as descriptions and pricing. It’s a new channel for ecommerce.

Catalogs Setup Process

  • Launch WhatsApp Business.
  • Navigate to your company’s settings page.
  • Catalog should be chosen (if it does not appear you’ll have to update your app)
  • Fill in the blanks with the product or service.
  • To add photographs of the goods you wish to show, use the Add button.
  • Give each one a name and a brief description.
  • You can also add links and the product code to each product and save it.
  • Save

Your catalog is now complete and your products and services are now shoppable on WhatsApp