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How No Bull is trying to foster community among its customers

Customers of the athletic footwear and gear company No Bull want to feel like they’re part of something bigger than just buying things. According to CMO Todd Meleney, this will make them more inclined to become “evangelists” for the company.

According to Meleney, “word of mouth is the most potent kind of marketing,” and buyers are more inclined to trust an advertisement than a suggestion from a friend.
If two persons in the airport are wearing our merchandise, they will stop each other.

There is a No Bull Connect club for the direct-to-consumer brand’s most loyal consumers, which has about 2,500 members that meet through Zoom every week.

According to Meleney, the company’s 50-person in-house marketing team seeks to consistently promote a sense of community through advertising and marketing.

The brand’s approach to influencer marketing include an emphasis on community.
Athletes like Olympian Caeleb Dressel, NFL star Mac Jones, and CrossFitter Brooke Wells are paid by No Bull.

Instead of looking for hundreds of influencers to merely share product images, the brand works with “a high-powered athlete group with high influence” who “love the brand and want to be a part of it,” to select these partnerships.

By collaborating with these athletes, the business is able to create content that is subsequently promoted through various media outlets.

No Bull would not reveal specific data on how much it spends on its ambassador program, but it did say that “less than 10 percent” of its media budget was allocated to athlete contracts.

As a result, according to Meleney, No Bull spends “extra resources” to help promote and grow its brands through alternative channels.

The majority of No Bull’s ad spending are presently allocated to a variety of other mediums, including social, search, radio, and programmatic display.
In the absence of specifics, it’s impossible to know how Meleney shares his company’s media spending.

Since it allows the company and its athletes to have a long-term collaboration and cooperate on product releases, No Bull’s retainer model is superior. For both athletes and brands, it is a “growth together” opportunity that “creates an authentic partnership.”


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